Walking to Gold Coast To Sydney For Transplant Australia

In 2021, I did a walk to Sydney, but had to turn around at Port Macquarie due to unforeseen circumstances. It was disappointing, but I was determined to complete the walk last year. So, I took a different route along the coast and walked 600 kms in 14 days with the support of my family. This experience was very different from the last one, as I got to talk to more people and spread the message about organ donation.

If you’re wondering what 600 Ks in 14 days means, it’s around 43 kilometers a day, or a marathon a day, but without running. Walking along the coast was more enjoyable than being on the highway, where there’s less interaction with people. I also got to spread awareness about organ donation, which is a cause I’m passionate about.

I urge you to consider becoming an organ donor and ticking the donor’s box on your Medicare card. It’s a simple step that can save lives. There’s no need for more research, as we already know how to do it. Let’s take action and make sure more people get to live.

I recently had a ball on the 7th of October last year to raise awareness about organ donation and encourage people to become donors. It was a great success, and I’m grateful for everyone who showed up to support the cause.

So, let’s make a difference by taking action and spreading the message about organ donation. Together, we can save lives and make a positive impact in our communities.

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