Walk To End The Wait

What is the walk to end the wait? 

On the 12th of August, I will walk 42 kilometres a day for 14 days. 

So that’ll be 600 kilometres in 14 days. 

Why am I doing that? 

I’m doing that because we need to change and improve the rates of organ donations in Australia.

We have some of the best transplant surgeons in the world, yet our rates of transplants are among the lowest. 

Currently, we’ve got approximately 2000 people on a waiting list, waiting for a life-saving organ donation. 

Unfortunately, most of those people wait for two years, and the unfortunate part is two people die on average every week while waiting for a life-saving organ donation.

It doesn’t have to be that way. For example, 70% of Australians say, “Yes, I’m all for organ donation. I’d love to donate my organs when I don’t need them.”

But unfortunately, we’ve only got about 30% of Australians registered organ donors.

To be an organ donor, you must let your family know.

Because even if you are registered, they’re the ones that make the final decision. 

It’s a tough decision for them if they don’t know you intend to donate.

Now, I’ve got a personal reason for doing this walk to end the wait.

About ten years ago, I became a living kidney donor. 

And at the time, I didn’t understand how many people were on the waiting list.

Now that I know it’s my mission to change the situation and save more lives. 

That’s what I want to do. 

So, if you’re a local on the Gold Coast, look for me between the 12 – 25 of August.

Come and walk with me for a few kilometres.

If you’re not registered as a donor, go to www.donatetlife.gov.au. 

It only takes about two minutes. 

All you need is your Medicare card, and you can get registered. 

If you haven’t spoken to your family, have a chat with them.

I am not trying to force anyone to do something they are not comfortable with.

But if you’re someone who thinks, “Yes, that would be a great legacy for me to leave when I pass away. I could save up to nine lives with my organs.”

Then I urge you to get yourself registered. 

Have a chat with your family. 

And look out for me in the coming weeks.

You donate at my website at www.imgordo.com

And that donation will go to Transplant Australia, a registered charity that supports people on the waiting list.

People who are waiting for their life-saving organ donations. 

I look forward to seeing you out on the road.

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