There’s No Blame If You Want To Be Happy

In life, it’s easy to find ourselves in a rut, blaming our past for our current situation. However, this mentality only holds us back and keeps us from moving forward. In fact, there’s no point in blaming others or external circumstances for our current state of being. Instead, we need to own who we are and where we are in life.

Think of your life as a motorboat leaving a wake behind it. The wake is everything that’s happened in your past. It’s just stuff that’s left behind and cannot drive the boat forward. The present energy from the engine is what drives the boat, just like your present thoughts drive you forward.

You must understand that blaming others for your past will never change it. You need to take control of your thoughts and actions in the present moment. Every time you blame others, you’re just adding more baggage to your life, like a bag of manure that you carry around with you.

It’s easy to put the baggage down for a little while, but it’s even easier to pick it back up again. You need to deal with your past and let it go. Seeking help from a psychologist or therapist can be helpful, but ultimately you need to throw away the baggage and move on.

Blaming others is useless, and it’s time to stop doing it. Own your past, deal with it, and move forward with positivity and control over your thoughts. Remember, your present energy is what drives your life forward, not your past.

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