Happiness Is A Choice

How often have you heard people say, “I’ll be happy when, when such and such happens. That’s when I’ll be satisfied. “

I want to suggest that happiness is an inside job

Nothing outside of you can ever make you truly happy. 

There will always be things that we look forward to, but our real happiness comes from within.

I think the expectation of waiting for something big in our lives to happen is the actual reward we are looking for, not the event happening.

So I want to suggest that you can create that feeling yourself inside. 

And once you’ve got that, you’ll have peace, control, and fulfilment in every situation. 

There are moments in our day that can stop our joy.

But if you do a few simple things each morning, you can always be joyful. 

I do a few simple things each morning that help me have the best day every day.

Sometimes it only takes 15 minutes and sometimes a little longer.

I ask myself two questions every morning.

Question 1: What Am I Grateful for?

Firstly, I think about three things I can be grateful for in my life. 

It could be something that happened years ago or the day before. However, those happy moments in my life positively change my mindset.

Question 2: What Am I Proud Of?

The second thing I think about is what am I proud of in my life? 

What could I be proud of? 

Why don’t you think about it as you’re listening? 

Just think about it for a moment. Think of how you feel. Consider how you breathe when you’re proud of something you’ve done.

So these are just a couple of things you can do each morning. 

Train Your Mind

If you feel a little down during the day, I suggest doing it again.

Get into the habit of training your mind on how you want to feel. 

Our mind can be a dangerous place, or it can be the greatest gift that we’ve ever been given.

We train our minds, so we can use them correctly. 

Imagine waking up every morning feeling like you’re in Disney World. 

We live in a unique, fantastic world of so many experiences that we can experience every day. 

And it’s our reaction to each of those experiences that create the emotions inside of us.

You have that choice. 

You have that ability to create happiness within your life. 

If you’d like peace, if you’d like fulfilment, and if you’d like control over your emotions, I suggest reaching out and clicking the button below. 

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I look forward to chatting with you and helping you control your mind so that every single moment of every day can be joyous and happy.

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