Enjoying Every Moment Of Life

So what’s the meaning of life? 

It’s pretty simple. 

I believe the meaning of life is experiencing life and enjoying every moment.

Even though I know this, I sometimes slip up, and I enjoy only some moments.

I have had times when my business went wrong, and I had been divorced twice by 30.

I looked for someone to blame. 

I looked back to see what I could find in my childhood that caused these problems, and I started to blame other people and circumstances. 

But fortunately for me, I had a great circle of friends around me, and those thoughts didn’t last long.

I realised that it was up to me. 

If I kept blaming the past, I would be stuck in the past, and I’d never move forward. 

I’ve learnt to take responsibility for my actions as I’m the only one who can change my situation.

So from that moment, after being divorced twice, I now celebrate 26 years with my beautiful wife this year. 

I can get up every morning regardless of what happened in my past and say:

“This is a beautiful day. Regardless of what happens. This is a beautiful day”.

Some days it’s just discipline that gets me to that point. 

On other days I bounce out of bed. If I can be disciplined and control those thoughts in my mind, you can do the same.

You can say:

“Life, bring it on. I’m going to experience it”. 

So why don’t you experience life to the full?

Let it pass through you. 

Enjoy it. 

And don’t hold onto stuff.

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