Don’t Let A Bad Experience Control Your Future

Don't Let A Bad Experience Control Your Future

Have you ever had a bad experience that left a lasting impact on you? Perhaps it was encountering a dangerous animal or a close call in a hazardous situation. It’s natural to feel afraid in such situations, but it’s important to learn how to process and let go of that fear, so it doesn’t turn […]

Charlie Brown – We Get To Live Life Today

We Get To Live Life Today

Have you ever seen the cartoon of Snoopy and Charlie Brown sitting down together? Charlie Brown tells Snoopy that we only live once, to which Snoopy responds that Charlie Brown is wrong because we get to live every day. That’s a beautiful perspective, isn’t it? Sometimes, we get caught up in thinking about all the […]

Can You Be Happy All The Time?

Finding Lasting Happiness

If you’re often wondering how to maintain a happy disposition, it all starts with how you begin your day. You need to learn how to let things go. Do you find yourself holding onto things from the past, unable to move on? Well, here’s a little story for you. Two monks were walking along a […]

How To Move On From Tragedy

Moving on from Tragedy

Have you ever experienced something in your past that you just can’t seem to let go of? Maybe it’s something that irritates or annoys you every time you think about it. It could be a memory that you buried deep down inside, but it still affects you today. Well, it’s time to let go of […]

Life Is Beautiful

Life is beautiful, and every moment of it should be treasured.  We often think about how we could have said something differently in the past or worry about what is to come.  But if we focus on what we can bring to each moment and make sure we are okay inside, life can be full […]

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Do you find your mind bothering you? Do you find sometimes it just doesn’t keep quiet? Does it keep saying things to you that drive you crazy? If you’ve answered YES to these questions, you are not alone. Your mind is independent of you. You have control over what your mind does. You can choose […]

Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk

What does it mean to walk the walk and talk the talk?  It means to say what you do and do what you say. I remember my best man was making his speech at my wedding.  He shared what he loved about me, which has always stuck with me.  So I strive to be that […]

Say Yes More!

Say YES! More. I have a friend called Timmy. We did a boxing program together.  I can’t believe that was seven years ago. I had never, ever had a fight in my life before that.  Not even a schoolyard scuffle.  So at the time, I thought, “This will be a physical challenge for me”. Whilst […]

Learn To Let Stuff Go

Many people ask me, “WHY are you happy all the time?” “HOW can you be so consistently happy?”  The simple answer is that I wake up in the morning, decide to be happy, and enjoy the day.  It’s as simple as a decision. That’s easy for me now because it’s something I’ve practised.  It’s like […]

Enjoying Every Moment Of Life

So what’s the meaning of life?  It’s pretty simple.  I believe the meaning of life is experiencing life and enjoying every moment. Even though I know this, I sometimes slip up, and I enjoy only some moments. I have had times when my business went wrong, and I had been divorced twice by 30. I […]