Blame Is A Waste Of Time.

Blaming someone else or blaming yourself will get you nowhere.

Many of us blame our past for how we are today and why we are not achieving our goals.

We are not going to move forward by focusing on the past.

Whilst I can learn from some things that happened in the past, if my focus is just on blaming these things, then I never moved forward.

This is how I heard it explained to me. Imagine you’re standing on the back of the boat. You’re on the stern of the ship and looking at the back. What do you see? You see the wake, the wake of the boat. I love the look of the wake of a ship.

I think it looks great, but what is it? The wake is just a trail that’s left behind. It doesn’t do anything. It’s what’s left behind from the boat going forward. This is what the wake of our life is. All those things that have happened to us in our life are just like the wake of that boat.

So we ask ourselves three questions. Well, what is it? We answered the first one, which is that it’s just the stuff left behind. So the second question we ask ourselves is, what’s driving the boat? What is driving the ship? And as we look down, it is the engine’s energy causing the boat to go forward.

Our thoughts are like the engine of the boat. That’s the energy that drives us forward, not dwelling on the past or blaming the past.

What we think about is what we become.

So, we’ve got to use our thoughts positively. Make that the engine of our life.

The third and most important question is, can the wake drive the boat?

Can the trail that’s left behind move us forward? The answer is no. Our past doesn’t drive us forward.

If we use our history to blame for the reason we are today, we’ll never move forward.

Suppose you find yourself stuck in a pattern where you’re just looking at all the things that have happened. All the things that people have done to you, and you just can’t move beyond that, and you need some help. Reach out, click below, book a call, let’s have a chat and hopefully, I can help you move beyond those issues.

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