Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk

What does it mean to walk the walk and talk the talk?  It means to say what you do and do what you say. I remember my best man was making his speech at my wedding.  He shared what he loved about me, which has always stuck with me.  So I strive to be that […]

Say Yes More!

Say YES! More. I have a friend called Timmy. We did a boxing program together.  I can’t believe that was seven years ago. I had never, ever had a fight in my life before that.  Not even a schoolyard scuffle.  So at the time, I thought, “This will be a physical challenge for me”. Whilst […]

Learn To Let Stuff Go

Many people ask me, “WHY are you happy all the time?” “HOW can you be so consistently happy?”  The simple answer is that I wake up in the morning, decide to be happy, and enjoy the day.  It’s as simple as a decision. That’s easy for me now because it’s something I’ve practised.  It’s like […]

Enjoying Every Moment Of Life

So what’s the meaning of life?  It’s pretty simple.  I believe the meaning of life is experiencing life and enjoying every moment. Even though I know this, I sometimes slip up, and I enjoy only some moments. I have had times when my business went wrong, and I had been divorced twice by 30. I […]

Mid-Life Reboot

Many people in their forties to fifties say they spent the last 20-30 years sacrificing for their family, running the kids around and paying off their home loans.  They don’t regret it but feel they have not had time to fulfil their dreams. They feel their best years are behind them.  And that’s sad because […]

The Meaning Of Life

Hi guys, today I want to chat with you about the meaning of life. Now, that sounds deep.  I’ve been thinking about it lately.  I heard it said the other day, the meaning of life, what is it?  And simply, the meaning of life is life itself.  Experiencing and enjoying every moment of life.  When […]

Blame Is A Waste Of Time.

Blaming someone else or blaming yourself will get you nowhere. Many of us blame our past for how we are today and why we are not achieving our goals. We are not going to move forward by focusing on the past. Whilst I can learn from some things that happened in the past, if my […]

Walk To End The Wait

Walk to end the wait

What is the walk to end the wait?  On the 12th of August, I will walk 42 kilometres a day for 14 days.  So that’ll be 600 kilometres in 14 days.  Why am I doing that?  I’m doing that because we need to change and improve the rates of organ donations in Australia. We have […]

Happiness Is A Choice

happiness is a choice

How often have you heard people say, “I’ll be happy when, when such and such happens. That’s when I’ll be satisfied. “ I want to suggest that happiness is an inside job.  Nothing outside of you can ever make you truly happy.  There will always be things that we look forward to, but our real […]

Personal Responsibility and External Blame

This life is your own responsibility. Quote.

Why is it so vital for you to not blame yourself? I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but a lot of people seem to be focusing on themselves these days. They don’t recognise that our life is our responsibility and no one else’s. When you start talking about blame, it’s an external thing rather than […]