Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk

What does it mean to walk the walk and talk the talk?  It means to say what you do and do what you say. I remember my best man was making his speech at my wedding.  He shared what he loved about me, which has always stuck with me.  So I strive to be that […]

Say Yes More!

Say YES! More. I have a friend called Timmy. We did a boxing program together.  I can’t believe that was seven years ago. I had never, ever had a fight in my life before that.  Not even a schoolyard scuffle.  So at the time, I thought, “This will be a physical challenge for me”. Whilst […]

Learn To Let Stuff Go

Many people ask me, “WHY are you happy all the time?” “HOW can you be so consistently happy?”  The simple answer is that I wake up in the morning, decide to be happy, and enjoy the day.  It’s as simple as a decision. That’s easy for me now because it’s something I’ve practised.  It’s like […]

Enjoying Every Moment Of Life

So what’s the meaning of life?  It’s pretty simple.  I believe the meaning of life is experiencing life and enjoying every moment. Even though I know this, I sometimes slip up, and I enjoy only some moments. I have had times when my business went wrong, and I had been divorced twice by 30. I […]